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I get what you are saying but he wasn't even GOOD when he was in WWE. He was already washed up at that point and shouldn't have been anywhere near any title at that point in his career.
Junkyard Dog was a huge fan favorite in '80s WWF, especially with kids. He was quite over.

There was speculation that he probably would have been champion if Hulk Hogan wasn't in the company at that time. But we can all realize Hogan was the right individual to hold the title since he was transcendent and great for their business as a huge draw.

Rick Rude
Rude was nice too. They actually gave him a push as a title contender in 1990 when Ultimate Warrior had the belt. But too bad he was never given the title as a good heel. Rude's biggest accomplishment in WWF was the Intercontinental Championship reign that lasted a few months in 1989 unfortunately.

Recommend me a good rumble match. Felt like I watched the 92 and 01 so many times lol
1992 Royal Rumble is a classic forever with how Ric Flair won it to get the title, especially as an early entrant who survived the match.

The ending will also be hilarious forever with Hulk Hogan making a scene being a sore loser. I still laugh at Hogan pulling Sid Justice's arm to get him eliminated after Sid threw him out of the ring. 😆


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Junkyard Dog was a huge fan favorite in '80s WWF, especially with kids. He was quite over.
I never said he wasn't OVER. He still was popular.

However, JYD's peak was in Mid-South. Not in WWF.

He wasn't World CHampion material while he was on the WWF roster.

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