Japanese video games that dipict Rape......vol. Should they be legal???

Joined Aug 1, 2005
First off if this is against any NT posting policy please lock and delete, but if not......

Should these games be legal???  is it any different than GTA in the grand scheme of things?? or is this just the US being hung up on sexuality again???
since we have such a diverse group of people here on NT, I am wondering what everyone thinks......
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It's "funny" (not really) how they get the Asian reporter to cover it. If you want my opinion, no, I dont think it should be illegal. But that's without a lot of thought.
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CNN picks up on something and now everyone is up in arms about it
That game came out in 2006 and just now people are getting
about it?

I don't think it's a big deal... distasteful... sure. But in the end it's no different than the crimes committed across the board in many games.

BTW Japan has much lower numbers for instances of rape even if you factor in the population difference
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