Jason LRG Hoody in Houston, TX?

Jul 20, 2007
Anyone know where or if I can find one in Houston? 3X/4X if possible.

I don't know which stores carry LRG really since I'm in and out of the city.

I remember during the Dead Serious debacle that some stores didn't carry over the 3x.

Thanks in advance.
i bought a 4x dead serious from Trends in sharpstown last year for retail...they most prob will have it call them.
Man Alive in Sharpstown and Almeda Mall had them yesterday. I work in Sharpstown Mall and I am pretty sure they have big sizes but I will go and check tomorrow.
man 467 street to screw me...250 for the damn thing...i put a down payment (half of the retail total) i get up there asking for 250 i let that dude have it he gave it to me for retail. i got the only large there.
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