Jay Leno's last episode of The Tonight Show vol. see ya Jay, come on Conan

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Just as a heads up for those who care, Leno's last episode is coming up in a bit on NBC.

If you haven't heard, he'll be coming back in the fall at the 10pm timeslot Mondays-Friday on NBC, and Conan O'Brien is stepping in to take overthe Tonight Show starting June 1st.

I've never been the biggest fan of Leno, I think he's a funny comedian, but he just gets old quick for me. But he's been the king of late nightfor years so I'll give him the respect he's due.

I'm just excited for Conan to finally get his shot to host the Tonight Show, I know he'll deliver as always.
Joined Nov 20, 2007
I really been detoxing off no Conan. I miss Max and his pervy ways

I stopped watching Jay unless it's Jay walking or that Monday news articles. I never enjoyed dudes interviews, they were lukewarm. I find no time for himwith Kimmel in fire

Letterman always outshines Jay
Joined Dec 11, 2008
i'm watching now, leno is cool but conan alot better. the funniest part of his show is ross the intern and jay walking.
Joined Jan 19, 2000
Did everyone see Keyshia Cole in the Jaywalking segment?

Edit: Alright now that was a beautiful way to end the show
Joined Feb 17, 2007
I love Conan, but it makes me sad to see Leno leave.

Good thing he'll still be doing a show, hopefully it's more of the same.
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