Jay Stay Paid?

Joined May 11, 2008
I like Dilla and this is a dope album but I really don't like the title.

Who's eating off Jays work. I know it isn't his family.
Joined May 3, 2009
I struggled to make it through the album last night. Maybe I was just tired, I'll give it more spins.
Joined Sep 27, 2004
Even though i have heard most of the beats already this album is definitely the Truth!!

That "King" beat is incredible

Havoc and Raekwon track -
they both tore it down!

MOP track - insane
Joined Feb 26, 2005

This is how you know there a ton of fake Dilla fans out there. An album like this comes out and no one knows about it. But once they mention Dilla'sname, they're like YAHH! DILLA, RIP! YAHHHH
This is flames btw
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