JDOCS COLLECTION~! (NO 56k) vol. Front Burners

Jul 31, 2006
This is my first collection post so I've got to do the whole run down of how I got into this and etc..so here it goes..

As most people say, I've always been into shoes..I used to keep them so clean my parents always laughed at me :lol:
ed to love my shoes when the first pair of VC shox came out. I got my parents to drive me all the way to buffalo (I live just outside of Toronto, its about a 2+ hour drive) to get the red/wht pair. After that I was hooked but never turned to the internet for anymore information. Last year while working in the Telus office I stumbled upon NikeTalk while looking up NikeIDs. I was then flooded by hundreds of shoes I've never seen before in all different colours and designs and like minded individuals who shared my passion for footwear... Coming across NT was both a blessing and a curse, on one hand I get to see all different kinds of shoes and everybody individual style..but on the other hand it makes me want to buy new kicks all the time :lol:
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Vans era, Puma Clyde, DC x Methamphibian (anybody have the rest of these in a sz 11 :nerd:
Air Max 87Air Max 90Only AF1 I own..so far..My 3M Family...

dont worry about the stove..its in my basement and not used :wink:
great stuff - good variety. love the am90 pic :pimp:
one thing.. . . are those pictures of tom selleck on the wall in the first pic?
ill stuff, James. I'm not a big fan of AM 90s but the ones you have are just some of the ones I wouldn't mind having...

and of course those safaris are hurting my feelings..........................

nice variety.
atmos am1 and 3m snakes... illly!
Wanted Sz. 8:
great collection man. i alwasy see you with nice stuff
Kenneth...stop looking at all of my posts and making fun of me at school
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Nice stuff James! Loving the lights, 90's and safari's. Good choice on the Aif Force 1 as well.

Those Tom Sellek pics are hilarious :rofl:
quality over quantity. that's nice.

i really need me a pair of safari AM1s though.
they're just shoes..
..is it really that serious?​
my young bro James!!

watch out for this man...and smh on you askin moms to drive u 2 hours to Buffalo
lolololololol...just playin

great stuff my man...I love those gazelles!!
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Great collection fellow Tdoter,
I like all your adidas aswell.

2+ hours to buffalo? eek, maybe I'm just a speed demon. :b
Hey James, great stuff fam!

Sick 90s line up and of course your 87s are looking lovely :pimp:
real nice , real nice. Keep it up.
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