jean michel basquiat'$ resume VOL....refs

Sir San Diego

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Does he have an estate or is that going to an art dealer?

Art is such a bs hustle and idiots eat it up.
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...the edcation misspelling lol

And he crossed out his only job. I think it was a womens clothing store?

But he used the owner as the first ref lol.
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Crossing out/altering words was one of his techniques to make the words more pronounced, the thought being that by obscuring the word or phrase, it actually made you pay more attention to it.  

Basquiat, like a lot of the more contemporary artists, realized the insane commodification of art, especially in the 80s, and the irony and absurdity of creating work destined to be auctioned off to the highest bidder.  Even still, 50K is a crazy amount for that.  
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