Jeffrey Epstein commits suicide in Manhattan jail


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This is the stuff conspiracy theories are made of. Already under suicide watch and conveniently managed to kill himself anyway. A lot of names and evidence go down with him. Many are breathing sighs of relief this morning.
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Welp, now that he can't sue lemme say that I met him a few times and all his girls looked hairless (looked, but I couldn't prove it). He has a female 'personal assistant' that facilitates his interaction with these Eastern European broads since he never spoke one word to them from what I saw.

If I had lots of expendable income I'd raid his island and post it to YouTube.
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You can say things like "how could this happen?," but at the end of the day things like this are a lot more common than we'd like to believe.

I work in healthcare and we place patients on 1:1 direct observation if they pose a danger to themselves or others. I can't tell you how many times a patient has fallen, gotten out of their restraints and started pulling at drains/tubing/oxygen etc. because the person in charge of watching them straight up wasn't paying attention.

Could there be an underlying conspiracy? Possibly. No convincing evidence I've seen thus far though. Negligence and incompetence still seems like the path of least resistance in terms of explanation.

Either way, good riddance.


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That’s nuts I just read this IG post yesterday

Suck that the coward won’t face a trial and most likely a ton of facts from the case are gonna be lost forever. Are people on the list off Scott free now? Is the pilot that got subpoena’d off the hook now as well?

Crazy stuff man. 2020 elections are gonna be riot worthy regardless of the outcome
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