Jersey Shore Family Vacation thread MTV February 27th 2020


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Are they both nuts, or is it just ronnie, or is it just her? After last nights ep, seems like ronnie may be the psycho one after sending all this texts like a ****ing maniac. who the hell knows though, id bet they are both psychos.
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I knew Ronnie was a liar from the jump. That whole shtick he was on was all smoke and mirrors! I think dude is really tryin to personify the whole Mike Situation journey.

He thinks he can pull off years of work in the matter of months and thinks he’s good, it don’t work like that bruh!

Well that’s what I’ve gathered from how he’s acting.
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Its pretty sad to just see an ep where Ron is avoiding Jen trying to stay sober and live a life separate from her just to see on tmz he's back with her, allegedly doing coke, chasing her with a knife while holding his baby, and getting tased in to submission.

They're gonna end up getting that baby taken away from them.
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You can tell they're both crazy as hell. She's a psycho, you can see the games she plays as she's sitting there playing victim. Ronnie just emotional as hell trying to have a family cause he has a kid but he's an idiot for that. He has the super emotional explosions.

I was DYING when Jenny tried to throw Angelina under the bus and then Angelina said didn't you invite her or something? Jenny was mad as hell.

But Jenny doing that was weak as ****, not cool at all.
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Jwoww is caping and blinded by this dude's tip, it's too obvious. Angelina's the only girl that actually stands up to her.
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I'm liking Angelina standing up for herself especially now that Jwow seems to be more and more in the wrong.

Before on the first go around she was just annoying trying to be down. Now it just seems Jenny needs somebody to argue with.

:rofl: @ 24 trying to feel up on Angelina while Jenny is passed out by his feet.

Then that leading to her breaking up with him now cuz nobody has told her since.
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"Wrestling" with chicks in college takes me back watching this. If I was Vinny I probably would've smashed that night.
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