Jesus Christ check this dude in his LP640 trying to reach the top speed

Jul 6, 2008
Jesus Christ that fly by at 3:52 at 219 mph is literally see a blur fly past..ZOOOOMMMM
disgusting... inna good way

hit 117 in my eclipse... steering column was doin the harlem shake tho... scary as all hell
I wish I was rich like that.

the most i've been apart of was 107 in a Mercedes C300 and that felt like a tripp. This guy was doing double that.
219 is pretty quick in a "street" car, most I've ever done was 127mph on the 605N so cal guys know what I'm talking about
sick, this just makes me more sure I need to buy one, even though Im not gonna be doin that on the street

car looks stable as hell even when goin that fast though
That's a tough video. Homeboy obviously has the wheel. At 3:52- 3:56...that's a good look on just how fast he's going.
me and my boy did 153 in his 06 350z track edition (the one with all diff stuff)

i started getting scared at 120, pleading with him at 140, and when we hit 153, i said F it. we woulda kept going, but traffic started to build. on the 134coming from glendale to pasadena in socal
Thats crazy.. where abouts was it? LA?

I've been clocked at 193km/h in a friends 34GTR.. never again..
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