Jim Jones Speaks On Upcoming Certified Gangstas Pt. II

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    Dec 19, 2007
    Complex: Now, you just played "Certified Gangstas Part II" for me. When did you record that with Game?

    Jim Jones: Like a month ago probably.

    Complex: A few weeks ago, he did a drunken freestyle where takes credit for putting you, Gucci Mane and others on to the whole Blood movement…

    Jim Jones: I guess we all get drunk and say some things that's out of context. But I've know Game for a very long time. I know him pretty good, I knowhis family, I know that he meant nothing by it. When I started this thing, the only thing I knew about the West Coast is Menace To Society. That's theclosest we got to the West Coast. We started things since about high school, about '93. So, our mission was a little bit different than theirs. But, lowand behold, it was going on. It's nothing I'm proud of. Black on black crimes, and black people dying. The realism of it is scary. And it's goingon everywhere. Not just on the East Coast and not just on West Coast. It's a hell of an epidemic. And there's nothing wrong with brothers gettingtogether and riding for a cause, but we got to get it to be positive. If you got that amount of people that's willing to come together, you could put themto work and do something and make some money. And the homies know what I'm talking about. I don't care if you triple OG, murderer of all murders and**** like that. When you sit back and think about all that ****, it's like, damn

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    If Cam isn't on it I don't care.
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    [​IMG] I really dont like Jimmy but i respect his hustle.
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