Jimmy Fallon wants to reunite the original cast of Saved by the Bell vol. 20 yrs ago it started

they should bring back the original cast with Milo, ms. bliss, nikki and mikey. they should throw in johnny dakota on there also.
20 yrs and Slater still looks the same, probably even more muscular now too.
It never said they will re-unite, this was written in the last slide:

"With the 'Saved by the Bell' cast keeping so busy, it remains to be seen whether Fallon will be able to get them all 'on the samepage,' but the show continues to live on in reruns."

I think it is just an article showing that Jimmy Fallon is trying.
Kelly fell off.

Lisa and Jesse stepped up tho.

Who woulda thought that after the show was over Slater would be the one to take over the world.
just came in here to say jimmy sucks and he looks so uncomfortable when hes doing that opening standup every show
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