Joe Budden Thread- State Of The Culture REVOLT TV

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Here for this. First episode was pretty good. Once the chemistry is there this could be better than Everyday Struggle.

Jinx was a good addition. Look forward to how this grows. Props to Joe for how he managed to regroup after Complex.
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Curious to see how he manages this show while trying not to be redundant on either, especially with the podcast coming on twice in a week.
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^ she is pretty annoying. I liked her a lot more when she was in the background and only spoke occasionally on Hot 97. Now that she has a bigger platform, all she does is regurgitate stuff she see's on twitter.
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it was tolerable cuz she was a dyme that she went a couple of Twinkies past
her waistline, da straight personality is grating....
I mean...



I remembered her looking better, thought I was tripping
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You can tell you need to lose weight when you look husky in the chair. They need to get her a bigger chair.

Scottie's appearance is starting to match her beliefs. Which isn't good.

That Monique argument is dumb as hell. I can't take anyone serious, when they support Monique's argument. It's two different arguments, black women comedians and Monique. Netflix isn't giving charity. Bags are a lifetime achievement award? They're separate.

Pet peeve of mine, people will watch one one movie or tv show and say it deserves as Oscar or Emmy. Did you watch any of the others? What is so great about Kerry Washington's acting? But because you like the show she should win?
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I didn't even realize he was wearing jeans at first. I thought they were shorts. Dude has some jeggings. :smh:
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I definitely got a few outfits just like that, but that's neither here nor there.:lol:

I legs definitely got more breathing room, though.:lol:


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couple things...

the editing is horrible on this show. they chop people off mid thought all the time and its so obvious.

also remy needs to learn how to engage in intellectual conversations. her barbershop approach f's up the chemistry. its almost like she's never been challenged intellectually in conversations, so she resorts to cutting people off and speaking over them when they disagree with her.

wouldnt be surprised if they end up swapping her outta there later.
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