Join us for NikeTalk Live 2018, Sunday November 4th in Las Vegas.

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On Sunday, November 4th, we'll be holding a community meetup event, NikeTalk Live, at Rhythms Event Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The event is expected to run from noon to 4pm, but, if the previous event offers any indication, may run a bit longer.

Guests can look forward to an experience similar to that of NikeTalk Live 2016.

  • Hang out with fellow NikeTalk members, including NikeTalk's founder, @Nelson C , and @HellaSteph.
  • Take part in a panel discussion featuring NikeTalk members who've gone on to pursue careers in the sneaker industry.
  • Contribute to this year's charity auction.
  • Get a sneak peek at new features in development for NikeTalk.
  • Compete for prizes in our video game tournament.
  • Relax and enjoy a catered meal.
Due to limited space, attendance to this event will be by invitation only. A total of 50 invitations will be available.

If you'd like to request an invitation, simply reply here to express your interest or send me a PM. If more than fifty people request an invitation, preference will be granted to longtime community members and those with a history of positive contributions.

Unfortunately, due to the high number of no shows and last minute cancellations associated with our previous event, tickets will now cost $25. Your $25 ticket price will be donated to charity - not used to cover the event costs.

Guests will have the opportunity to help select the charity that benefits from NikeTalk Live 2018.

While there's no shortage of hotel options in Las Vegas, we've reserved a block of rooms at the Westin Las Vegas hotel thanks to @UsualSuspects. If you'd like to stay in our block, you're welcome to book here:

An informal happy hour event will take place on Saturday, November 3rd from 7-9 PM at Jake & Eli, Westin Las Vegas. No invitation will be required for the happy hour event, so you can bring a +1 if you like, but group seating will be limited.

We're looking forward to a great event and a memorable weekend in Las Vegas this November and hope you'll be part of it.


Methodical Management

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Can’t wait, looking forward to this! When will we know if we made the cut? Want to book flights ASAP.

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We'll start reaching out to people today - so keep an eye on your inbox.

It was important to us to provide more lead time than our previous event out of consideration for those making travel plans. We chose a time of year that should be off peak for Las Vegas Thanks to @UsualSuspects, we'll have a guaranteed room block at the Westin, which should also be convenient for guests who'd like to stay near other NT members to hang out throughout the weekend, and the happy hour event will be held at the same hotel for easy access.

We do have a 50 guest limit for the venue, so we have to balance those time considerations against our efforts to try and ensure that interested longtime members are able to attend.

To that end, we'll attempt to fast track veteran members in good standing who pose no danger of costing us our security deposit.
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i already have the 31st 1, 2, 3rd off someone else has the 4th
so i may not be able to get that day off...... i could call in....
im a check the vacation calendar when i get back to work
and see if i could talk that person out of their day
i see the 5th and 6th open
which means i could party my *** off
im tryna go
ill know for sure if i can get that day by sunday
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