Jordan 1 Chicago 2015 Legit Check

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Picked these up from a guy locally. I compared tons of pics and they looked legit to me but you can never be too sure. Leather feels right also.

Let me know what you guys think.

Thanks in advance!!


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They are 100% fake.
The font on the tongue is the newer type of font. Shoes like Fragments, SBB, Chicago's, and UNC's have an older type of tongue tag that is not the same as the newer releases. The most obvious difference was that the older type of tongue tags did not have the Registered trademark logo in the front, This replica did remove those, but they forgot that the font on the back was also different . This change in the tongue tag happened sometime in 2016. Also the insole logos are too glossy. Wrong type of lace bags and the laces should not be wrapped like that from Nike. The shape and leather is a bit off, the back shape looks to straight.

This is how it should look like:
Chicago text.JPG
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