Jordan 1 Royal Legit Check

Joined Mar 11, 2013
legit, but damm the nike air on the tongue looks like they pulled it back alitte bi. should it be lower. maybe it was the cammera angle
Joined Jan 26, 2013
weird, wings is small & off

toe box is weird

swoosh is weird & super low

texture on soles are weird/different

whole shape is weird

too weird.. so its probably fake

good pics though, so much easier
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Joined Apr 25, 2013
Fake im thinking unless its kids or sum ish ill shoe pics of my authenic royals toe box and wing logo (thats whats throwin me off)
Joined Jun 1, 2013
Thank you. I was a little concerned myself. Looks a bit low and the color seems a bit off. It is a size 8.5. Appreciate the input...
Joined Jan 26, 2013
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