Jordan 2 Charity SOLD OUT ***UPDATE last page***

Mar 9, 2003
Yes that's right. I called tonight at 730 eastern standard time. The only sizes they had were a 7, 8, 12.5,15. What's going on? You can check on for yourself. I would post a link but I'm on a a sidekick. Were they indeed posted early?
"They even talked bout Jesus."
^flip i received confirmation aswell...interesting that they would release them early online...
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Flip we gotta get in touch, I know Kdog lol. I'm screwed I live in Ohio! Lol
"They even talked bout Jesus."
I ordered my 8.5, better not be making a mistake and cancel the order.
Picked up my 9.5... :pimp:
Bio23 u need 2 forget these shoes and sell em to me. Lol. Good luck hope one of my NT people get em! I am so sick right now I just gotta enjoy this Bacon Cheeseburger wit my side of mash potatos and broccoli from Chilis.
"They even talked bout Jesus."
Its weird because only the womens dunks and these were put up early..well anyways they are already sold out. Im glad I decided to check ndc tonight
just check the site and didn't see them. can somebody pm me or something? thanks
yEah babY!!
anybody wear a size 8/8.5, hit me up

bmp and true blue spizikes..hit me up

ref: arc9802
Im Real Mad About This News I Need A Size15. Hope November 9th Is Still A Go Online
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I didn't even know they were coming out. Dah well. Kinda ugly IMO.
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Wow i'm mad, they are really sold out and i was itching for a pair. i guess i'm going to go to the niketown in manhattan NY and see if there still selling on the RD.
I think this is just a scheme to make these seem limited when they drop Nov 9th. People will go crazy, then they'll mass produce them like all the LeBron IVs.
I didn't know they released already :lol:
. Oh well they didn't look that nice anyway (I was planning to cop though >:
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