Jordan 3 "88" Legit Check

Joined Mar 15, 2013
I believe those are fake because the elephant print seems off, and the biggest red flag are the jump men on the tongue. Looks like Jordan became a Oompa Loompa cause he is really small and extra fat on the left pair.
Joined Mar 11, 2013
dont quote me on this but they look fake the inside label where the size and product number looks weird the font is off. it almost looks as if someone tried to glue that label over another label(look at bottom left corner, theres another label ontop of that label, see it) that elephant print
Joined Nov 14, 2012
look at the red jordan writing on the sole of the write shoe... what is that a red teardrop? kinda weird the font on the insole has a pointy A and most the fakes i seen dont
Joined Jun 10, 2005
That tag has the wrong font and looks like a sticker. Ha!!! Fakest ones I have seen yet. And is it me or is the jumpman looking a bit small on the tongue?
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