Jordan 3 Fire red L/C

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Ok now i have found a good looking, looks authentic pair of fire red 3's but iv found it has on the top of the shoe, the grey part where the shoe laces goin it has a whole heap of dots, now iv found a few where there is a pattern to the dots like this first pic..... but this second pic (the one im looking at)and 3rd pic dont have a pattern to it....can you tell me which is real..or are they all real just differently made or did they get made indiff factories and the material was cut in a diff postion than the other or somethin
also i saw a youtube vid of a guy trying to show how 2 tell if they are fake n his ones had a pattern
Hope you can help thanks

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As far as the "pattern", Do you mean the exact way the little dimples line up? If so, it is probably just the random way they were stamped and cutwhen going through the machine....

When it comes to telling if they are legit, I wouldn't be focusing on that pattern. Make sure the print is indented, the tongue is long enough, the laceholes are the right color, the tint of the grey is right, etc..


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post a pic of the inner tag and we can give you an accurate legit check. Make sure all the pics are tagged.
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they are all legit but the pictures are from different seller so beware. I've bought shoes from the last seller and he is legit.
Joined Sep 15, 2008
Agreed... all 3 pairs are legit. The pattern is the same on all 3. The only difference is, the material has been rotated.
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thanks Architect....thats what i wanted to know....i wasnt sure if it was just if they rotated it or if it had to be in that excact way
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