Jordan 7 "Barcelona Days" - April 25, 2015


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Hahaha wouldnt be surprised. But if you would said last year or older i wpulda been like damn so JB finally is copying fakes. But January wasnt that long along, they prob got the deaign and ran with it .. releasing in May id think theyre in production already now if not done

Anyways .. dont shoot the messenger

Took it from SBD

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Y'all need to stop being fake. While they aren't perfect these are actually pretty decent looking. Especially compared to the Marvin's and other retro + 7s.

I swear people only like limited retro + even though all retro + color way s are not ugly
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these aren't too good. better than the "marvin the martian"
 but still terrible. I am probably in the minority but I want them to retro the ceramic 7s. loved those
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They need to get off the Bobcat bus. Bring in the new wave of Hornets color ways with a teal version of the Lighting 17 lows. I'd beast over those!
Honestly? No. These ***** looks just as ugly as the Bobcat X's did.
Bobcat 10s are a nice shoe if you swap the laces. I put grey laces in mine and it worked wonders. Dudes have stopped me just to ask if I swapped the laces. I may be biased because they have an Astros vibe as well.
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They got potential allday. Stay with the two main colors blue and grey. The light blue and orange etc is gross. All these colors mixed together looks horrible hate these
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need to see in person first, cause I slept hard on bob cat Xs and love them now. Off first impression I'm in tho.
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Kinda like them. But honestly, at $190, I cant "kinda like them" to cop. It's love or pass. In this case, pass.
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Nike is not trolling the fakes, it's the other way around. These are just early versions of shoes that more then likely they will release.
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Kinda like them. But honestly, at $190, I cant "kinda like them" to cop. It's love or pass. In this case, pass.
Exactly how my decisions have been love it definite cop or it's not worth 200 nowadays no in between although they are ok I rather get another Bordeaux
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