Jordan 85' runner coming soon...

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Modern meets retro in every way, the Jordan Air Zoom 85 Runner is ostensibly a recreation of the ever-classic AJ1 done up in a styling far removed from the basketball realm in which it was born. Bearing nearly every recognizable element from the silhouette with a warped sense of modification, the pair takes on swooshes at its side in overlay fashion with the rest swapping out traditional leathers for taping akin to the popular React Element 87. From toe caps to eyestay and all the way back to the heel wrap, a bright red colors within the lines of a staple Chicago scheme with the whites appearing here with slight translucence and a gridded textures strewn throughout Linings hit in stark blacks — same as the check, tongue tab, and laces — while the rear panelling move down the Wings insignia with it now appearing in debossed form. Soles take on diamond like protrusions throughout in further display of proprietary tech while treads take on the standard red in homage. Grab a detailed look at this wild sneakerbend right here and expect to see it rolling out to select retailers and within the coming months.
Joined Nov 17, 2000
They didn't have to make these a wannabe Jordan.
Valid point, but for my money I've really liked the:
Zoom Tenacity 88' (my favorite of the bunch)
Racer 88'
Racer 89'
They make great beaters (especially for someone like me who doesn't want to wear out the real thing), pretty comfy, and can be picked up at outlets or discount stores for $40.00 almost guaranteed.
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