Jordan Anniversary releases..what locations/info..

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Well, I made this thread since anniversary releases are spreaded out at different locations.So, for people that are looking for them can find out where they're being sold.Please post info on each spot,BUT, please be positive.If you ask your local footlocker,footaction,finishlines and say they have them, ask to see them yourselves.
Well, I just seen the anniversary 3's.They will be sold at mississippi/edgewater biloxi mall.Havent seen any others yet.
If this isnt necessary, mods please delete.Thanks.
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There's a spot on Jamaica ave that has the iv's. It's the store that sells videos games too.
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Not sure how many people this info will help out, but...
Cerritos Mall, CA FNL getting the IX (for sure)
Stonewood Mall as of now is getting the III
Lakewood Mall as of now is getting the IV
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footaction in the Ocean County Mall will be getting the IVs
Footlocker in the OCean County mall will be getting the IIIs
there is a chance that Footaction could be getting the IXs too (since teh closest finishline is about 35 miles away)
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My spot said hes getting the xi's next week?
Even though he always comes through, not too sure about this one,lol.
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Are they all going to have the $210 price tag or is citysole just makin a profit?

Champaign SHOULD be getting the III's at FTL

baby jumpman

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From another thread
Originally Posted by jmadidas2001

Finishline = Retro IX
Footlocker/Footaction = Retro III
Champs = Retro IV

HOH = probably all three style
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