Jordan Brand Contest - THE NT-SHIRT WINNER: Mossified842345

Feb 15, 2000
The Jordan Brand Forum Contest"Where do you see JORDAN BRAND in 10 years and why?"

The winner: Mossified842345
As a child, I looked at Michael Jordan as the greatest thing on the planet, and sometimes watching old videos and highlight reels, it can still be true. Always trying to get to be like him was nothing short of failure, but looking for his kicks, and maybe for one second feeling as if I could be MJ...

As the years have gone by, I can remember telling my Mom all I wanted for my B-Day was the OG Black/Red XIII, and I did not receive them, in which I got a portable CD player. Not thinking of anyone's feelings but my own, I wanted to return the gift, and get the kicks, but that didn't happen. Then it came time for the Black/Red XIV. She said if I can save half of the money, they will be mine. Well, after a few odd jobs, I saved the $75, and my first pair of adult Jordans were mine. That started the craze for me, always wanting to get the newest pair, the newest colorways, it was an amazing feeling.

Now as I am 24, and it is years later, the hype has started to die down for me. Sure I grabbed the Aquas, and I grabbed the OG colorways of most of the shoes this past year, but as I see what future releases are around the corner, nothing pulls me in like if I were to see MJ wearing say the newest AJ model in the Finals, and trying to find out everything I could as to where I could find them to purchase. There is not as much hype anymore, at least in my eyes, for the product. I can remember when the XI's came out in 2000-2001, and every colorway was flying off of the shelf, and I can remember waiting in line for early retros, and trying to keep my place by having my face pressed against the gate. It def. is not like that anymore, due to them over producing, and bad marketing.

With some of the colorways too, it is hard to take them serious when the varient market is so much of the market. When you release the Ice Blue Women's VIII, or the Thunder and Lighting pack which could easily pass for some liquor store varients, it is hard to believe that Michael Jordan, the greatest business man, and the greatest player to ever play the game is behind these insane products. To have the Grape V's be a lifestyle, but we put out the Navy/Orange/Peapod colorway, what has that company become.

I am one to not be able to afford the $310 packs next year, even though I would love the OG colorways that are included in some of the packs. I cannot believe that he is doing this when it is the anniversary of the XX3 and that the shoes mean so much to the company, yet you still continue to kill people's wallets and hopes of getting the OG colorways...

All in all, Brand Jordan is an outstanding company, and without MJ, it would be another Shaq/Pro-Ked type of shoe. Bring it back to what the customers want, 99 Retros, and some of the special colorways that made the company what it is today. 10 years is a long way to look down the road, who knows what could be in store. Brand Jordan could be finished, and just putting out sub-par Team shoes, or lack luster retros. Or they could flip it in the other direction, stop with the main line, and continue to bring out retros in amazing colorways, combined with OG colorways, and bring out Team shoes that can make the company stand on it's own when the last of the OG shoe heads start to die down...

hmm in ten years?


next to gucci, prada, and sold in saks in 5th avenue.....JB will never want da jumpman to be as common as a i believe they'll market a super luxury line of retros and apparel with da best materials on earth and valued at lots of $$$ to da sneakerheads who have now grown up to be a business men and women with plenty of disposable income.

i feel this is da best case because in 10 years da toddlers and babies now would have NO emotional attachment to JB whatsoever, so its best JB cater to his heavy pocketed previous generation that were buying da stuff a decade before. Keeping that core audience who is willing to shell hundreds and hundreds for "only da best and Exclusive" will cause a domino effect with consumers who want to be associated even though 80-90% of da products will be priced out of there range....


imagine these jackets for example that u know are TOP Italian made quality with subtle jumpman logos and da peace of mind that you wont see a million people with what u got on..i definitely feel there's a market for it especially when things like...


sold out FAST in this day and age..even with da over saturation of retros and TEAM jordan products...da fact that they sold u da dream and "right" of being "exclusive, top shelf" with things like are pretty much made type of materials as regular retros....So imagine u amply that with super small runs of shoes, superior craftsmanship, and obscene amounts of $$$ to attain.........yup you'd basically shoot up your prestige 10000X fold

Since it'll be automatically seen as a luxury item to people who just dunno da history of JB they'll wanna gravitate around it just to be attached to its notoriety..kind of like how a 15 year old now KNOWS gucci and LV are prestigious brands but if u ask em why they can't tell when a pair of jordans are now MINIMUM, 500-800 dollars...da price seems "justified" because of da brand's vague history of excellence and respect....

This will give JB a business model that can outlive several generations and give it a "timeless, expensive, quality" aura around them as years pass, ultimately giving them da power to sell things like


as efficient as they liquidate sought after OG colors of III-XI to da consumers of today.

i definitely see they have a means to do it, its only a matter of time...

sure..its gonna piss alot of ya off...but da fact of da matter is places like:




already prove that once certain retro jordans begin to lower is supply da price begins to climb and in some cases sky rocket. so imagine NIKE/JB doing something like bringing:

team platano/BLACKMARKET
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T R A N S F O R M E R S​
I know alotta people are talking JB down and sometimes i feel the same but I think they will play their cards right and have something to carry the legacy on that will be great.
As far as retroes go there wont be many but when they drop they will be special and of course very exclusive.

To be honest I dont see the melo line going very far but I would love to see one or both of MJ's sons carry on the score and start a whole new legacy and bring the best out of JBs designs and technology that really keeps true to the Jordan name.

I think with having his sons carry it on will keep the essence of brand Jordan and keep consumers coming back for more.

Technology wise we all know JB will be the pinnacle for basketball shoes bringout advancements for performance enhanching shoes with fluent designs.

As a summary I think they will represent the man himself properly so that youngn's can see what he was like and see what a legend he really was. Older people saying "I wish you could have seen him play" as we can already see that in some of the younger consumers and collectors.

I honestly think the limited thing will die down for the most part and there will still be limited releases but JB would have turned over several pages from that era by then.

10 years....we can only imagine
de Lore design

Gentry had said it himself that there will be very few quantities of Jordan Brand Retros after 08. If this is the case I can only imagine the prices on our sneakers skyrocketing. Sneakers that have been commonly seen such as cardinals, french 7s will be taken up by the next generation seeking for older Jordan's in good condition. But like ninjahood said I could imagine JB releasing ultra premium jordans back from the vault. Most people wouldnt mind some Chitown 10s but i think that would piss off a couple of people that have paid more than a grand for them.
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truthfully, under current leadership, i see jb going the way of the dodo. i have not seen figures, but i see more and more non-original colorways on sales racks. the gimmicky things that were done with the last retro i's were terrible. the pictures on the shoes? ouch. i see models with universal appeal staying relevant, but the idea behind owning jordans is the rarity and the quality. both are plummeting. i know they try to change the retros to appease owners of originals (and perhaps prevent resellers from scamming folk). but truth is, a fire red v or aqua viii is what it is, and now that i've got it (og or retro), it's not that rare to me anymore. the retro market will eventually be saturated, because retros have been a phenomenon to the two generations that experienced mj on the court, and people will stop buying them. and new products don't have the umph of the greatest player of a generation (and most likely, of all time - or is that jb media hype? i buy it, anyway :wink:
hail to the victors, baby.myspacelast.fmflickr
in 10 years...

i see them right in the same place...selling Shoes to the next generation.

yes they've tried ridiculous gimicks..but if they were smart they dont want to price themselves out of the "next generation" of sneakerheads with hard to get shoes. I'm talking GR, Teams, or wheatever.

Basically i just see JB evolving as Nike itself evolved.

In 10 years I see Jordan Brand being sold in Walmart. JB will "sell out" like Levis, Starter Brand, Garth Brooks and a lot of other brands that you could only get at "upscale" stores. With the quality being so poor, and the next generation not knowing about Jordan himself, JB will have to do something to make a large lump sum of money. So they will work out a deal with Wal-Mart to sell their exclusively. The price will be much lower, so they can compete with the Starburys and the Big Ben Wallaces.
Ninjahood already won with that response
If cats was really fly like they believe themselves to be, They wouldn't be so dependent on "exclusives"...

In 10 years i see Jordan Brand being a trillion dollar empire still selling retros & team j's maybe even sigs :rofl:
In ten years, JB will be make money off MJ's two sons. The Jeffrey Air Jordan and the Marcus Air Jordan . I can see the lines now. At the end of 2008, after seeing Gentry's eveil plan of destroying JB. Gentry get fired and JB surprises the world with the QuickStrick release of the Air Jordan XX4. So in ten years there will also be the XXX3 !
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In 10 years I think jordan brand will pass the torch with more sig shoes for players like they did with Melo. I think the jordan name will need new interpretation of the player as fostered by the new players in the league for the generation of basketball players or sports fans.
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Trully? no disrespect in the slightest form to anyone who works this site but i see this site near diminishing. The magic in the NBA is gone there are less and less deadstocks. The amount of classic jordans being released is near zero. I dont know what gentry has been thinking with these colorways but there is barely anything being released that makes people " aww when seen. The XX was nice but lacked some magic. Since the retirement of Michael Jordan the shoes have no substance. I unfortunatley was not old enough to see MJ do much playing. When the 17's were released i remember the amount of work i put in because the power jordan played with in those shoes. Having just a slight bit of that made me feel good. But what is their now? and in what colors? Most people look at sneakers in stealth VIII 's and go why spend 140 when i can get them in white and blue for 30 bucks? People are raised without knowing the magic of jordans and that will be the sneaker communitys downfall. Jordan Brand wil slowly lose money but will feed themselves on trying to make melo's the new jordans ..... NEVER!!!!! lol
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My opinion is yet to be determined as far as where and what BJ will be in a decade. On one hand, I feel ninjahood with the exclusivity and return to the days where owning the new Jordans was truly a status symbol in every sense of the term. On the other hand, I feel the guy who said they would ***** out and be at Wal-Mart, obviously not to that drastic extent. It's a tough call I would rather make up my mind after 08 is over when the XX3 is on my shelf and the Countdown pkgs. have filled all empty spaces. :nerd:
I never I'm living my dreams...


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Um *raises hand* Am I disqualified from answerin? lol
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I believe JB will stay relevant in the future (10 years from now) using a 3 pronged attack. Side note: The jumpman will always be relevant; there is too much history there for it to ever fade completely out of the picture.
Their strategy will rely on 1) careful manipulation of supply and demand, 2) emphasis on ancillary models to replace the void created by the absence of the flagship model, and 3) prioritizing preferred customers. The 1st two are what I know they will do, because Gentry seems to be sending JB in that direction. The 3rd is what I hope they will do to make sure me and my fellow die hards at NT who helped build the legacy will remain satisfied.
You could list a multitude of reasons why Jodans have always been the most sought out shoes (design, MJs mass appeal, Nike aggressive marketing, etc...) but the bottom line is that they have mastered the art of toying with supply and demand just enough to keep the brand highly sought after. I think scaling back on retros will hurt my own personal preference but probably help the brand maintain its mystique in the long run. I think we'll see in increased emphasis on the design and quality control of the future models that don't have a roman numeral to lean on. The team line in particular will likely morph into the high end performance shoe on the market.
Lastly I think we're long overdue for some sort of preferred customer rewards program. I'm not completely sure how you would work this, whether it be a proof of purchase system or some sort of special online-release, something needs to be done to reward the faithful JB clientele. There are too many cats who are too dedicated to be left out in the cold.

There I said my piece, now can I please have one of those T's?
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Sincerely, Gentry Humphrey....JR.
looking at what jb is today (totally wack) i dont even want to know what it will be like in 10 years....

but i hope: better then it is today!

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