Jordan Icons White/Black/Red

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Props to Kixandthecity...
The Jordan Icons has been THE Team Jordan sneaker this year. From their College PEs to their NBA PEs, Jordan Brand has put a lot behind the Jordan Icons. Continuing their Jordan Icons releases, Jordan Brand is set to release the White/Black/Red Jordan Icons. An OG AJ2-esque vibe, the White/Black/Red Jordan Icons features a combo upper of White textured leather and White patent leather, a Black tongue, a Black/Red midsole, and a White outsole.

The Jordan Icons will be hitting select Jordan accounts very soon.

I'm kinda feeling these more so than the 2s releasing in May
. But for $125. Come on JB. How do you put this shoe at that price point, and have a Jordan 2 release in May thats pretty much the same and is what $10 more? Jordan Brand confuses me with the prices. Great shoe but it should be in the $99-$115 range. Same as the 16.5 and a slew of other team Jordans.

at the price.
at the shoe.
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im kinda feeling these icons.. i like the black colorway more.. they should release all black patent leather one...
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this color makes the shoe look really nice.  i would wear those for sure.  dont know if i'll spend the money on them though. 


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thanks for the pics but the only pair that i would even consider purchasing is the black and green P.E's that ray allen wears
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Don't like these kicks but the colorway is on point. Always nice to see a shoe with these colors.

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Really clean.

I'll be picking up a pair to hoop in.....only questions is what colorway?
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does anyone have any pics like this (non game action) of the pe icons that are releasing at HOH this month?
i would really like to see the allen's up close
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No thanks. But why didn't they put black laces in them since they were obviously going for the look of the OG II's.
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Another definite pickup and I like this colorway. Got the looks of the OG 2s but it will have the floor grip of the 20s only it will have better ankle support than the 20s.
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They should stop playing and drop PE of the XII's. Do the Icon's have the same tech as the XX's?
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Originally Posted by andfattoo

They should stop playing and drop PE of the XII's. Do the Icon's have the same tech as the XX's?
As far as the soles are concerned I believe they do. Now ankle support, imho just by looking at these two, ICONS are way better hands down.



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Originally Posted by only MJs collected

Air Jordan Icons Player Exclusives releasing this Saturday:

Sugar Ray Allen

Joe Johnson
I wonder if the Red PE will drop.



If the Icon were a 20-21-22 then people would be or would have been ALL OVER THESE. Great looking shoe IMO. They need to come down on price before I seriously think about pulling the trigger.
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