Jordan IIIs good for ballin?

adam got game

Sep 10, 2007
I just got me sum IIIs for playing some serious ball. Good or bad for performance on the court....what do you think?
maybe you should post in the sneaker review section
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Which 3' s Adam ?

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3s aint for ballin son, thems for pimpin.........

I gotta shoe fettish I be in shoe city every week fifty pairs of new nike airs aint cheap..
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3s aint for ballin son, thems for pimpin.........
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My favorite playing shoes is my TB IIIs but I dont have the fire reds so I cant comment on them. Threes have the best feel on the court for me, although mine are starting to get a little slippery.
wow jordans suck for bball there very heavy they dont got good traction

hurrache 2k5 or 2k4 are the best way to go i agree keep the 3's for pimpin hahaha
3s in general, yes.

3s that came out in 2007, NO.

JB changed the midsole of the 3s from PU to phylon, so the 2007 3s feel heavy/bulky/clunky compared to the earlier retroes.
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yeah the retroes are never that comfortable compared to the 94 retros & OG's...but still I played in my '03 retros no problem as well...none since though....

I swear it doesn't matter though...I always play better in J' just gives me a good mental feeling on the court....always has... :pimp:
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I used my mocha 3's for practice my whole senior season, very comfy, and durable...the only complaint that I have is the traction wasnt too good
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personally I would say dont kill your 3's they are THE most comfortable jordans for me ever, very comfy, but I played ball in mine and the soles get done quick
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I ordered a pair of "Blackcat" III's that I plan on wearing this season, I'll post a review up after some practices and games in them.
I would say you shouldn't. Retro/Older jordans are out of date now as far as bball technology goes. Why play in those when you got Zoom Air and Carbon Fiber shank plates?

I think the older Jordans are more casual shoes than ever than bball shoes now.
Yeah I wont wear my 3s for anything but casual, and I have fire reds, black cats, and pure moneys. I love the way they look but they are not very comfy, I do wear them a lot though. But seriously the other day, I switched from 3s into zoom soldiers and I swear the difference was rediculous, the soldier felt a thousand times more comfy, and better fitting. Dont ball in Jordans older than the 11.
just ball in them. i ball in all my Js (1 to rock and one kept on ice always). The question is not if IIIs are better than whats out there, the question is are they good for balling. they are good from my experience so far (since thats what they were designed for) but if you compare them to what is out there today, of course they arent going to get such great feedback in comparison. however to the question at hand, i think they are really comfy and that transfers to the court and i think the traction is actually good and not bad unless you are playing on some dirty hardwood. i only wear my Js for playing indoors. i learned my lesson playing in Js outdoors with my 17s, WHICH I NEVER RECOMMEND WEARING OUTDOOR TO BALL!!!
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Just got back from my first wearing, and I must say that I am pleasantly surprised. Right away the felt great, very soft and comfortable. I was pleased that I was able to get a nice, tight fit, something I love being a quick PG. The traction is sort of deceiving, though. Before getting on the court when I was just walking with them on, I thought "These are gonna be horrible, I'm going to be slipping all over the place", but I couldn't have been more wrong. The shoes will not make a "Squeak" when they're gripping, but they do not slip at all. This was the aspect of the shoe which surprised me the most. I hope they continure to perform well!
I balled maybe once at the local YMCA in my FR3's. They felt light and the traction was up to par indoors. I'm not so sure about outdoor courts though.
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Thanks for everyones responses and thanks for the review blazers. I will leave a review after I use them to play. Any more responses would be appreciated!
that's the most ******ed response i've read, Jordans are basketball shoes, so don't say theyre NOT for balling, even though not a lot of people use them for basketball
Terrible reasoning. Chuck Taylors are basketball shoes too, but God help you if you try playing in them. There are better, more functional basketball shoes to play in.
IIIs are my favorite shoes so 1 night I played in my Wht/Cmnt IIIs. They were OK but I forgot all about cushioning because I was on FIRE !!! It's gotta be the shoes.
I would normally say NO !!

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get fit.
I wore my IIIs for the first time today to play basketball. I have to agree with blazer I am also pleasantly suprised. The traction was great considering the courts were dusty. They were very comfortable, not leaving me with blisters or rubbing like so many new shoes can do and the quality is good. Not only did they perform, but they looked so tight with my black and red uniform. Oh and by the way we won by 40 :pimp:. If you dont have a pair of these I suggest that you should definitely cop!
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