Jordan IIIs true to size?

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Do the Jordan IIIs (most notably the black flips) fit more like the IVs(size down) or the Vs(true to size)? Simple question. My IV size is 11 and my V size is 11.5 (cuz I like my shoes too tight)
which size should I get if I wanna buy a pair of IIIs?
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IMO the 3s run half a size big. I have a narrow foot and I prefer the way they fit going down 1/2 size

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these fit snug at first but if you wear them on a daily bases, then they would feel semi comofortable. the white cement 3 true to size the true blue felt a tad big even though i went with my ture size and the black cements they felt snug but after a wear or two they fit good. im talking about the latest 3s not the cdp or og.
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They're true to size. However, if you want a snugly fit without tying laces. you can go a half-size down.
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True to Size. I bought my fire reds in 10.5 but after a few years wish I got 11s. My Countdown cements are 11 and they are much better.
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please could anyone make a topic or Reply page with Jordan(retros/OGs) 1-23 Size chart (both for people with Wider foot and people with a Narrow foot) witheither the shoe is true to size, go .5-1 size up or go .5-1 size down?
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my older retro 3s are true to size they have a lot more cushion than these new retro 3s. The recent releases id say go a half size down for the lack of cushion
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Although it does depend on how you wear your shoes. I notice a ton of people like to wear their shoes a bit "loose" and double up on socks. And people wonder why they crease the heck out of their shoes...
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