jordan iv's in do the right thing

Apr 5, 2007
I couldn't find this using the search, so I have to ask, are the kicks the guy is wearing that get scuffed, are they some kind of exclusives? I have some og iv's and had them when I was younger. I have never seen any like these [img noborder]][/url][/img]
fix your pic . . . .
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Probably fakes... DTRT IVs?
Exclusive IVs are Mike's PE Laser, eminem... Mars...
There is no DTRT IVs
ok, I think I got it now. In the movie do the right thing, those shoes are different from the general releases. Not DTRT releases, if you know what I'm sayin.
How can those in the movie be fake...i will post pics later.
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are u talking bout the colorful band?? if u are it's just like a ornament you can put on ur shoes.
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yea, i think reg cement ivs with just those shoe strings


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Nooooo, come on people. The netting from the tongue only goes to under the band thingy, then it turns to some different pattern of holes in the leather. Any of you og's catch that? I know mine don't look like that. If any of you have these shoes make the comparison. On mine, the netting goes out to the leather piece, but on the ones in the pic the netting ends and holey leather begins, if that makes sense. I got the vid clip off of youtube, check it out, not the same as og's.
wht/cmnt IV's w/color band. Remember, colors like that were in back then

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Did you see the movie or the movie clip? There is a definite difference. Maybe you can't really tell from the pic or whatever, but they didn't know at another un-named sneaker post, so I'm asking you guys. I guess I'll try to find a clearer pic, but the guys at the other posts didn't know a thing about them. I think they were some kind of exclusives for the movie or something.
Those are Jordan Cement IV, but Buggin' Out's pair in the movie has a varience in the material on the bottom quarter of the tounge.
The production version is alot better than the movie pair.
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This is what I was talking about, and thanks for the info, any Ideas on where he got them or if there were any production models like this? Just curious, again thanks forthe info.
he's talkin bout da perforated leather on da tongue...yes those are pre production samples....

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