Jordan Laney III

Nov 13, 2005
Does anyone have or know when and where to get the jordan laney III's i :nerd:
saw them on eastbay 3 or 4 months ago but cant even get a look @ them anymore and all i see now is the apperal whats really good??????????????
Laney III? I think you're talking about the "do the right thing" III's, if so those are LS...
I should be able to get a few pairs also....4.Y.E. is the new kid on the block....

My "DTRT" Flight Club Jacket just came in today. 8)
FS: AJ III "DTRT", AJ OL/NL Pack & Spiz'ike "True Blue"​
wow we finally get an LS but a terrible one....
WTB: Retro Jordan Fire Red III sz 12, will trade for DS XVIII lows black/chrome 12.5 w/ OG box and towel
^huh? finally got what LS?

and 4.Y.E this MY BLOCK wanna conduct business in my part of town then prepare to pay up dem loyalties!

if a dime bag is sold in the park.....I WANT IN!!!
Troopers iz back wearin tha 45...
^ At first when I read what you posted, I thought you were saying that Livestock would have them. Maybe that's what "fenixconnexion " thought you were saying; not realizing that you were referring to yourself.

Keep doing your thing, I'll find my likkle corner to operate in.
FS: AJ III "DTRT", AJ OL/NL Pack & Spiz'ike "True Blue"​
DO U too homey...once Livestock jumps off Canada LS aint really gonna be operating on the block as it's been for the past year since LS' came someones gotta pick up the pager! LoL!

FOR REAL THOUGH...NT if anyone wants the DTRTs then get at me asap

I'm not really feelin these sneakers and aint really planning on bringing them down unless there's a good amount of people copping them from me...

Troopers iz back wearin tha 45...
^ I know a lot of people can't wait until Livestock opens up. My boy used to go to B.C. regular for work, and make frequent stops at Livestock out there. I'm really trying to link well with Flip, and just get my collection up.'re going to be on the Livestock team when they open up?...

I had someone pick up shoes from me, and then they were talking about how they got their Cool Grey IIIs from you....Good reviews in the streets....

FS: AJ III "DTRT", AJ OL/NL Pack & Spiz'ike "True Blue"​
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