Jordan Retro 8 sizing.

Jun 3, 2005
I remember when I was working at footaction in o3 or o4 idk, it was when the 8 lows dropped. I tried them on ans they were really tight. But I tried them on quickly and didn't take the time to loosen up and only had em on for a sec. How do they run, wanna know so I'm prepared for the upcoming releases? I'm a 13, should I buy a size up or stick with my size.
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BUMP, anyone know? I'm buying some 8 lows, and I just heard that they fit a little snug. I'm a size 11 in dunks with 1/4 inch space. would a size 11 be alright for the 8 lows? I just don't wanna end up with uncomfortable shoes I cant wear, thanks!
but for me the 9s ran a little bit small in the toe. i wear a 14 comfortably in the 3,5,7,12, and 13. Everything else i have in a 15. And does anybody have any tips for first time 8 owners? Is there anything i shouldnt do or have around them to prevent stuff like cracking, fading and things of that nature?
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to me, they run true to size after you loosen up the laces cause the laces are tight as hell when they're FOTB

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Yea, I'm also curious. I wear 14 and was wondering would it be safe to get a 13.5 if thats all that was left.
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