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Dec 12, 2005
Just as the case with the DTRT IIIs, these XIs have grown on me ever since RD. And with them just sitting on shelves, I would like to look into buying them. How are you guys enjoying your XIs?


looking for DS 11.5:
Jordan Retro XI I.E. LS white/azure
i bought them....i like them a lot....the color of the sole is really nice....it is listed as maize....but the yellow/gold isnt quite a maize. there is some good clothes on eastbay to go with them
yeah I also like the color of the sole
looking for DS 11.5:
Jordan Retro XI I.E. LS white/azure
I think these particular colors are very nicely done. The patent leather is subtle but still noticeable. These go very good with my Hornets Chris Paul jersey.
I've yet to see these in person, but the azure is whats drawing me
looking for DS 11.5:
Jordan Retro XI I.E. LS white/azure
These will be copped eventually once the price goes down..its just something about the soles
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wore mine today, i like them a lot, yellow is my fave color. they are comfortable and breathe well with those huge vents. i dont think theyd be good to ball in or anything atheletic, not big on ankle support, but good for casual wear. the design seems naturally resistant to toe box creases too, one of my pet peeves.
Sole is really nice looking. If the upper was a different color they might have sold better.
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put some baby powder in the sole to prevent squeaking if you do cop..i copped the blue and white joints and only wore em twice till i threw some baby powderin the sole (same thing with the retro x)
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