Jordan Sparks - Battlefield *new single produced by Ryan Tedder*

Joined Feb 12, 2006

Maaannn, Ryan Tedder is such a damn BEAST.

Everything of his is so amazingly epic, every time.

Keri Hilson's "Energy," Beyonce's "Halo," and plenty others.

He is appreciated to the fullest...

bad n fluenz

Joined Jun 25, 2004
I've had this song on repeat all day. I love it when the chorus hits, finally Jordan gets a song made for her where she can show off her vocals. I hatethat when an artist makes music but is held back. I think artists should be allowed to blow if they can. The whole point of American Idol is prove to Americayou can sing and that they should vote for you! Jordan killed it and this track should bring that back. Her first cd was aight, but if she's got music likethis then COT DAMN i'll predict a good selling album!
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