Jordan Truck Toy - Trash or Keep?

Joined Dec 20, 2000
I'm cleaning up the old house, and found this. Is it worth anything or should I just trash it since Roy Jones Jr face is on it?
Joined Feb 15, 2009
Originally Posted by sekim2detcidda

oh snap!!! That's the Nike x Hot Wheels x JB x Hasbro x Optimus Prime collab joint.

I' Paypal ready.
lol You sound like one of those nerds that collect action figures.
Joined Dec 20, 2000
Originally Posted by Billy Hoyle

keep it, whats the point in throwing it away.
I'm trying to get rid of useless junk, if I don't need it I don't want to keep it.
Joined Apr 29, 2006
Throw it on ebay, thats what I did with mine like 2 years ago. I got $16 for it. I remember going to the event in Sac when Mike Bibby was there.
That was what 2002?
Joined Sep 5, 2003
Woodson & McNabb's JB stay was shorter than Payton & Kidd's. They were on the team for like an offseason
Remember when the three best WR in the NFL were JB? That was pretty dope.
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