Jordan VI Infrared23, Toro?

Joined Oct 19, 2013
lol cant believe saying 350 is a good deal.. but i dont see prices coming down anytime soon..

sounds like prelude 1s all over again

Joined Oct 26, 2013
I love how people base the level of Hype off whether Flight Club has pairs for Sale…. LMAO

They're a consignment shop…  That just means people wanna keep there pairs… OR Not Resell thur FC and pay 20% 

 that's Double Ebay...

and that's your basis for flux in Resell Price?  hahaha
Joined Aug 8, 2012
Wore my pair today. ***** too damn bright. I can see these will barely be put in the rotation. I'm getting too old for this ****.
But you knew that when you made your purchase...
Yes I did. Just felt a certain type of way after rockin them for a day. Think I'm done with this sneaker stuff. Think I'm Gonna cop me some DS copper and royal blue foams and get that money together for those black/gold 1s and call it a wrap.
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