Jordan VII review is up on UNDS'ed

Dec 30, 2005
THANKS!! i was waiting for one!!

that was a good review goose. i think you hit every point well in regards to the VIIs. I have heard and noticed that the ankle support isnt really there, but seems like they are good shoes to ball in from traction and comfort. I guess balling in these, one just needs to be careful with the ankles, unless you are doing the ankle breaking... :wink:
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Dec 16, 2006
hahaha yah my bad it took so long anyways yah I mean ankle support for the 7's werent all that great but then again alot of the shoes I have in my rotation are fairly low cut.So it wasnt really an issue for me.I was really surprised how good the traction was as well and as long as youve worn older shoes like the 7's,8's and 9's and flight 89's and air maestro's youll know how that type of cushioning setup is going to feel and shouldnt be too much of an issue.
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