Jordan X UNDFTD - M-AJ4

Feb 10, 2005
I was readin the new "Complex" magazine issue and came across these "rare" Jordans that I've never seen before. I was surprised, cause I almost ALWAYS know about these. I do know that there was a typo in the article, they can't be X's. I did a search on the forums and didn't find any threads or posts about them. But, I scanned the picture of the sneaker and also the small text about it.

I'm mad there's only 79 pairs, only being sold in LA in 1 store. That's just dumb. But, what's hot is what it comes with.

this is a resellers dream. :rofl:

btw these are sicckkkkkkkk
looking for a dvd burner . ill trade my black and gold vvvvvnds 1's and add money if nessary.
no no no. JORDAN X UNDFTD doesnt mean its the jordan X. it means jordan teamed upped with undftd to make that j4. its like how when dunks like the medicoms are made it was NIKE X MEDICOM or BE@RBRICK or something
so they already came out or they are gonna come out????

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Since this magazine sells in April/May I'm guessin it hasn't, yet. I think they come out sometime in April.
comes with Jacket?

oh wow thats gona be an expensive package.

gona have to do a little investigating, because those are hot
go buy sandals!

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wow...cant wait to see what these will go for on ebay.

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I swear whoever is in charge of the releases at JB just keep picking from the same tree. how many colorways are there for the ivs.

thanks for the pics, we won't know the release dates on these will we...i doubt it. If so it's going to be crazy

What J's you got for me? Size 10-11
So ANYTHING can be limited and be hot? Just buy some beat black 4s off ebay... same thing...
Is it me or does the tag on the tongue look funny... :\

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nice and rugged...
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I guess since they might slow down next year there going 2release 200 more retro's this year 150 limited....
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