Jordan XI Clear Holiday 2020

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Joined Oct 26, 2014
Still dope, I’m still in. I’ve said it before, while I don’t need (or even want) “JORDAN” on the eyelets of ANY of my other Jordan 11s, for a one time, Anniversary release, I love that detail (and the other metal details for that matter). It gives them a tacky/retro aesthetic, which is a dope twist IMO. The 11 has always had a pretty futuristic look, which is dope IMO, and this version is a just a slight departure.


Joined Jan 19, 2007
The shape will be akin to the 2018 Concord and 2019 Blk/red. So anyone trying to lump these in with the 2016 Playoff/Space Jam is wrong.

I’ll likelybe shooting for two pairs now. Blk/white Colorway. Can’t go wrong.
Joined Nov 24, 2012
I still have a DS pair of Jams so I'm in for one pair, that's it. New pictures look good.
Joined May 24, 2015
I like em, not love em, probably will get them if not to hard to get. I dont know what to think about the "jordan" lettering also, but it may just be we are not used to see it there. You could probably just black em out with a marker or angelus paint so its no biggie for me. You could also use something less permament like vinyl wrapp or something so theres that solved. I´ll try to get em online and see how that goes.
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