Jordan XI Columbia/Legend Blue - Release Date TBD

Aug 21, 2010
Will only cop if they look like this…

Aug 10, 2012
I think I now have a better understanding with the speculation of how the finished product is supposed to come out after reading this one. I was honestly confused with the initial post I made to create this thread.

If they're really going to have a mixed/integrated execution with the 2014 version colorway having the 1996 shape for this pair rumored to release next year, then it's somewhat backwards to me. Why couldn't they just make a proper replica of the 1996 version original Columbia colorway with its original shape?

So my interpretation with this rumored 2023 pair is that they're the 2014 version with a higher patent leather cut as opposed to the original 2014 version with the dreaded lower patent leather cut.

I wonder if the finished product comes out as speculated will deter some of the purists out there from getting these. Would it be a deal breaker for some?
Feb 3, 2019
Really really love the columbias, they don’t get enough love.

What is even the difference between Legend Blue colorway and Columbias? Aren’t they pretty much exactly the same?

Also did OG Columbias have stitched or printed 23 on the back?
Dec 17, 2018
I was under the impression that they stopped calling them Columbia for the same reasons the ******** are called Generals and the Indians are called Guardians. But I don’t know that for a fact. They call the 1999 Columbia IVs Legend Blue also which do happens to be on todays anniversaries 🤪.
I Low Dark Teal (1 Year)
I Mid Kentucky (W) (1 Year)
I Mid White Pollen (1 Year)

I Low University Red (2 Years)
I Mid Multi Patent (W) (2 Years)
I Mid Johnny Kilroy (3 Years)
I High Guava Ice (4 Years)

I High Nigel Sylvester (4 Years)

I High Olive Canvas (4 Years)
I High Vintage Coral (4 Years)
XXXII Low Golden Harvest (4 Years)

I High Camo 3M Bred (5 Years)

I Mid Obsidian University Blue (5 Years)

I High Rare Air Bred (7 Years)

I Low Red Black Gold (8 Years)
I Mid Fire Red Cement (9 Years)
III Legends of Summer (9 Years)

VII Playoffs (Retro) (10 Years)

IV Columbia (23 Years)
May 2, 2022
2014s aka legend greens 🤣......saw that ish around summer 2015 on every pair being rocked....Sold my DS joints ASAP and got them Bordeaux 7s 😈

And a pint of grape gin 😎
Aug 10, 2012
I never owned any version of this colorway since they originally released in 1996. I was honestly never into them because the Black/Red was my favorite XI. I also liked the Space Jam (original 1995 version). I ended up liking the Concord several years after they came out in fall 1995.

The irony is that I didn't realize they were the shoes Jordan wore in the 1996 NBA All-Star Game despite watching it on TV and remembering he was the MVP of it. I used to think they were based on the Tar Heels because of the sky blue color on parts of the shoes.

I know the 2001 retro version was supposed to mirror the original 1996 version.

But can anyone please clarify if there were any differences between the 1996 Columbia XI and the 2014 Legend Blue XI? Were there any cosmetic differences? Was it only a naming difference? The only difference I recognized was the 2014 Legend Blue had that dreaded lower patent leather cut, whereas the 1996 Columbia had the standard higher patent leather cut.
Dec 7, 2018
As far as I can tell they are the same. But it’s been ages since I’ve seen a pair of OG’s in person. I remember they had a very blue tint in the outsole, that would turn kinda greenish as they aged.

I had the 2001 retro, ended up selling them Deadstock for like over 500. This is basically my FIFTH favorite colorway of 11 mids, but two pairs will still be had. I love 11’s. Will probably cop two pairs of the Chicagos in December (yes, Chicagos not 🍒).
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