Jordan XI Golf - Concord + "Safari" Bred

Joined Nov 10, 2008
All I ever saw was Product Not Available. Never even saw sizes. Been refreshing for 15 minutes.
Joined Nov 7, 2016
I feel pretty lucky, I got the reserve but was in a meeting and 10.5 had sold out by the time I saw it. Was able to hit just right now. Now I just need to recover from this surgery so I can play golf again...
Joined Aug 19, 2016
Same- error processing payment. All gone now. Heading over to RG to line up.
Although, I noticed resell on stockx seems to be dropping? even under $300.
If i remember, the wc3 went to high $300s right away and never stopped climbing. So maybe these are more widely available.
Joined Nov 10, 2008
StockX price is skyrocketing. Hopefully it drops but if it doesn’t I will have to pay it. I don’t care what they cost I have to have these.
Joined Jun 23, 2001
SMH, these are climbing on StockX like crazy :wow: ...about to pull the trigger before resale gets too dumb >D
Joined Jan 22, 2001
My NDC order never went past the three dots processing. I usually go on the Nike+ app. I tried from my computer today and failed. Picked up a 9.5 for my brother in law on Carls. I got a 13 on the pre-order the other day from NDC. But want a 12 to see what fits better.
Joined Jan 22, 2001
I tried doing a chat session with TGW and it says no one is available right now. Maybe they are prepping for the storm. LOL.
Joined Nov 6, 2016
Did TGW ever go live?
They might have gone live early in the AM, around 4. I was trying to get a pair off golfposer which basically crashed and I was looking at tgw and all sizes were gone except a 9 or 9.5. Not my size but I added it to cart to see and it went in. I refreshed the cart and it said item was sold out and to remove from cart. I’m not sure though if the other sizes were up at that time in the AM.
Joined Jan 16, 2019
TGW & Golf Galaxy were live as soon as the links were active. Unlike Nike which has an active link but won’t go live until when they say the shoes go on sale. I lucked out with Nike to get my second pair today after getting my first through invite.
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