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We spend so much time fussing about how JB is going down hill on this board, but I wanted to share a cool story from school.  I am a teacher in an elementary school, as I have posted before, and I had a really cool experience involving JB.  I was at school one day a couple months ago, as I often do, had on a pair of retro J's that I had from when I was younger (XVI's).  One of the boys in my class that has a bunch of kicks walked up and struck up a conversation about them as the kids were lining up for lunch.  While he was talking about them another little boy who was rocking a pair of transformer payless shoes walked up and said "One day I am going to wear shoes like you."  My heart was broken as I looked down at his well worn shoes with frayed laces.  That afternoon I was on my way home and I thought I would run by this local mom and pop shop that gets a lot of excess runs of kids size kicks.  As I walked in I looked at their kids section and found a pair of AJ III fire reds from a couple years back.  I immediately bought them hoping for the right size.  I figured at $50 it was well worth the gamble.  I thought it would be great to pull mine out and wear after I anonymously gave them to him.  You know, so he had the kicks that he thought were cool.  Anyway, they didn't fit so I ended up going back and trading them for a pair of Derek Jeter's Jordan Brand shoes.  I had one of the ladies I worked with tell him someone had given the shoes to the office for him the next day.  Long story short he comes in all excited to my class telling everyone about his Jordans and asks me what kind they are.  He was so pumped when he found out that the were Jeters and started telling everyone they were 2 different players shoes!
  We worry about the next release date, what kind of heat or trash is coming out, and so many little details as collectors.  I think sometimes it is the heart of a child that we forget, that is why a lot of us Jordan heads love Jordans, we had a memory from when we were younger.  I hope when he looks back at his childhood he has a kind memory of his first pair of Jordans.
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Good story. I've been saying the same thing for a while. Some of the kids on here complain about quality but they fail to realize that some people can't even afford payless shoes. I guess it's because the majority still depend on their parents for shelter, food, and clothes.


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Good story, man. We often forget about the time when a simple pair of shoes made us feel special.
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nice story! i wish people with 50+ pairs gave away some of their shoes to people who really in need
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man you made that kids year! Nice story. I own 60 pairs of shoes but nothing compares to being a kid getting a new pair of kicks and beating them into the ground
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nice...I was there when I was his age kinda..I wasn't rockin payless but I still didn't have the newest thing you did there
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i think my dad felt the same way when i got him his first birthday cake. he did have one till he was 49. and he also didnt have a pair of shoes till he was 10
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that's a great thing you did for him man...i was the kid with the payless kicks at the young age...and i remember when my cousin came to pick me up from school in 6th grade one day and he told me to reach in the back seat....and what do you know...%*#&$^'s one the best memories i have in life...
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Great story. Once upon a time, I was that kid. I never had to wear payless kicks, but I do remember that my Nike Flights looked pretty garbage compare to the kid next to me in p.e. class with the crispy new pair of black/infrared VIs. I clearly remember thinking, that one day I would have shoes like those..............

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its people like this that we need more of in this world. Thats a good thing you did ShowtimeXII and that boy will never forget it. Im 15 and for a long time now i've been waiting for my first pair, and this week hopefullt my dad will order me Playoff 12's and Air Penny 2's. I cant wait until that moment and hope that its as good as that little boys. Great Story
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Originally Posted by Cadwallader

Great story. Once upon a time, I was that kid. I never had to wear payless kicks, but I do remember that my Nike Flights looked pretty garbage compare to the kid next to me in p.e. class with the crispy new pair of black/infrared VIs. I clearly remember thinking, that one day I would have shoes like those..............


   cool story something like this happen to me when i was younger except mom father was cool with my teacher (childhood friends) and my teacher picked me up the concords when they came out,i dont really remember the grade i was in all i remember was me, him and my dad chillin after school and BET was on they was watching 112 Peaches and Cream video and i was like i want those jordans next week he brought them for me
 Dang i miss those days when i was given things
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you got a good heart OP.. nice story and that's gonna be a memorable part of the kids life..
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see, thats what its all about, the shoe game now is all about hype and over zealous collector's but it all started so humble, and simple. this story made me feel a bit better abour jordans again. . . if only we could be kids again


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this is great, my nephew is 6th grade or 5th and i bought him a pair of bo jacksons for xmas, old school bo's.. hope they are etched into his memory like they have been mine when i had them in 5th grade, i even got him the og orange and white ones, just like i had!!!
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my cousin will be 8 this may and for the longest he's always wanted shoes like me. For a while I wasn't able to get him any but it's my goal to at least for his birthday get him a pair now, seeing as how he's one of the only other males in the family.

Last year I got him some "powder blue" fusion 9's(yea yea I know, but I was feenin' for some 9's, they were close, and he didn't know the difference). Anyway he beat them up like I should've know and all I could do was smile and laugh when I saw them, he wore them all the damn time until he grew out of them.

I kinda want to get him the actual powder blue 9's this may now, but the release is after his birthday and I feel he might think he had them already so I might get him the retro 2's if he likes them.

That story made me think about this, that's a great thing you did man. Now I can't wait for his birthday.
What I really can't wait for is christmas, if the Cool Grey XI's come out like the spacejams did right before christmas like I believe, it's gonna get expensive because I'm getting all 3 of my cousins a pair if I can.
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