JR Rider picked up with his fourth police incident of the last two weeks

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...last night.

April 4 - accused of pulling his fianceé out of a car and shoving her to the ground in a dispute over money

April 4 - took a cab from Mesa to Phoenix and back and then stiffed the driver on the $150 fare

April 8 - After April 4 police put him under surveillance, which is how they spotted him driving "erratically." As he was pulled over, he jumped out of the vehicle and tried to run, but eventually gave up and came back.

Last night - Police in Mesa, Arizona, launched a brief manhunt last night after Rider Jr. allegedly went on the lam with his one-month-old son, Isaiah Rider IV, who he does not have legal custody of. They were found last night around 1:00 a.m., unharmed. He was returned to his mother and Isaiah Rider Jr. was transported to police headquarters for a follow up interview. He was released and Melendez said detectives are going to submit the case to the Maricopa County Attorney Office for review

Hate to say it but I'm actually surprised this guy is going to live to see 40. Well maybe not he still has 11 more months.


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Originally Posted by RyGuy45

Hate to say it but I'm actually surprised this guy is going to live to see 40. Well maybe not he still has 11 more months.
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To refresh:

1992 - Arrested and spends a night in jail after an incident in which he abused a worker at a campus Jack in the Box and threw a milkshake into the restaurant's drive-through window.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Isaiah_Rider#cite_note-0
1992 - Suspended by UNLV after accusations of academic fraud.
1995 - Kicked female manager of a Mall of America sports bar and was ultimately convicted of fifth-degree assault.
1996 - Arrested for marijuana possession and illegal cell phone (having his bills go to someone else) and was convicted of misdemeanor possession and pleaded no contest for cell phone.
1996 - Arrested in Oakland for gambling in public.
1996 - Cited and convicted of possession of less than an ounce of marijuana
1997 - Suspended by NBA for three games for spitting on a fan (suspended a total of 12 games in three years in Portland)
1999 - After reports that he'd smoked marijuana in an Orlando hotel room, the league demanded that he attend drug counseling. He refused and was fined a total of $200,000 until he agreed to attend.
2006 - Arrested for kidnapping charges in Marin City, California for taking a female friend in his car against her will.
2006 - Arrested in Alameda County and transferred to Marin County jail after three judges issued bench warrants against him.
2007 - Pleads guilty to several charges including felony cocaine possession and evading an officer. Sentenced to seven months in jail.
2008 - Arrested in Berkeley, California after confrontation with taxi driver.
2008 - Arrested on a no-bail warrant for unlawful firearm possession and grand theft by Oakland Police Department
2008 - Arrested in San Rafael, California for possession of a controlled substance, disobeying a court order, evading a peace officer, providing false information and driving on a suspended license. Pleads guilty.
2008 - Arrested in Skid Row district of L.A. for investigation of auto theft.
2010 - Arrested in Mesa, Arizona for assaulting his fiance and stiffing a cab driver after having been involved in three separate incidents in five days.
2010 - Interviewed and released by police in Mesa, Arizona, on Wednesday after failing to return with his 1-month-old son as planned on Tuesday evening. Could face custodial interference charges.
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LOL @ Isaiah Rider the IV

Somewhere up above, Jesus is pouring himself a Big Gulp of coffee.
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