JR Smith's Alley Oop from last night sick

Joined Mar 13, 2004
If he had a brain he'd be as close to unstoppable as you could get.....I'm talking about a dude who you possibly could have compared to Ray Allen....instead, he's just plain ol' JR.

trelvis tha thrilla

Top 5 dunks of the season for sure. Dunk was nasty!
Joined Nov 11, 2007
God damn.

Dudes don't just do 360s on alley oops in transition very often.

This dude's physical gifts are off the charts.
Joined Aug 20, 2006
can be a very good player at times. very streaky. but the way he plays on the court is just disrespectful (dancing vs lakers ) hahaha

anyways. SICK DUNK
Joined Dec 9, 2002
i literally got the
son caught me off guard with that one. I'm almost led to believe that they've practiced that before. When he turned around I was like 'okay, a reverse, nice' but when he turned around again
Joined Jan 20, 2006
He should've threw in down with 2 though, he was definitely high enough and had enough space to do it... would've been even more disgusting.

reminds me of when he did the 360 lay up off the A.I lobb.
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