just a big thanks to NT'S socal members

Joined Jul 16, 2006
sup NT,

im recently visited SOCAL (irvine, CA) and made a post about what spots to check out and got a lot of great respones. I did a lot in my 2 week stay there and enjoyed every minute of it.
i did a lot of shopping and had a lot of great pick-ups so i just wanted to thank everyone for the help. i couldnt have done it without u.

p.s. im addicted to chicken and waffles.

thanks again fellas.
winnpeger OUT!
Joined Nov 27, 2006
chicken and waffles are amazing huh?

glad u had a fun time
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hmm, don't think i contributed, but glad you had a blast on your trip to civilization, ehhhh. :wink:
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