Just Because Niketalk is Honest With Artists ....

Joined Oct 9, 2007
Good work on these. Real talk.

The girl Jasmin at the end of "Lost U" caught me off guard tho. Like her voice is nice and unique but I didn't think it meshed will.

Joined Dec 9, 2001
First song was pretty dope but ol baby coulda been left off the song.

Honestly, if you were going to have a singer on that type of song it should have been a smoother voice, someone that isnt as rough sounding ad ya girl.

Second song is cool too....didnt like it as much though because of the hook, wasnt bad tho.
Joined Aug 10, 2006
^^ yeah she just came in off the random one day, I just loved how it sounded rough and all, probably couldve mixed it better but you know we still gettingthere
thanks for the feedback

...do people still bump threads on niketalk?
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