Just Blaze updates On Relapse 2 "A Pinch Of Salt Away From Completion + Jay Electronica On The Way

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[h1]Exclusive: Eminem's 'Relapse 2' Almost Done; Jay Electronica on the Way[/h1]

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It's been a bit of a wait, but Eminem's 'Relapse 2' is a pinch of salt away from completion. In an exclusive interview with The BoomBox, Just Blaze was in Detroit putting the final touches on the much-anticipated record. While there's still no concrete release date, recent verses by Eminem could easily lead you to believe that a true monster is on the way.

"I was just sitting with Em in the other room," Just told The BoomBox. "I'm out in Detroit and we're wrapping that ['Relapse 2'] up now."

As for Just Blaze's other big executive production project, he'll be heading back to New York City soon to finish up work on Jay Electronica's first full-length record. Yes, that's two of the most anticipated hip-hop records this year. Just explained how his work with Jay has been a prelude to this point. After the success of 'Exhibit C,' they're both ready to roll.

"When I get back to New York, I'm working on getting Jay back in the studio," he explained. "We have about three more records that are near finished, but aren't finished. The thing with Jay is that he's so out there and so versatile, what we need to do is kind of rock on to a sound. So, I think what we've been doing over the past couple of years was really just trying to find that sound. I think we hit the nail on the head with 'Exhibit C.' Now, I think he has a feel that the people love. It's just a matter of building all that out at this point."

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I hate it when artists/producers say the album is "almost done" in interviews. its such a tease because even though the album is "almost done", it most likely still wont come out till like 4-5 months from now


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I was worried R2 was headed for Detox territory.

Look for Charlie the horse, the white rabbit, and an Avatar, and you're sure to find Detox somewhere.
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