Just Don x Air Jordan 2

People thought they had a chance on JD tho.....

I been gave up on the internet only website I had faith in was the Nike raffle........

At least the raffle with pre pay helps fight bots.

"Random drops"

always hurt team manual in the end
THIS. Repped.
Missed out on Don's? Make sure you check out my HD review video to crush your soul even further into the cold windy city pavement.

aint nobody trying to see a video 'review' right now b

thumbs dowm
They are testing the waters. Nike has some of the best marketing ever seen in any industry. If these collabs keep doing well it won't be long before $400-$1000 Jordans become a normal thing. They've seen what people are willing to drop on the resale market esp on collabs. They are not going to leave money on the table. As far as regular retros sitting this has more to do with resellers getting spoiled with larger profits from limited releases rather than wasting time getting rid of ********s of GRs. Since they don't feel like wasting their time with GRs with a lower profit margin now that they all cost $190-220, this has led to shoes sitting and becoming less desirable since they are easy to get. At least with sneakers people have a chance to get anything they want even if it's a long shot. With concert/sports tickets ticketmaster and brokers work together and have been ripping people off for decades now. Good seats are usually never even available for face value at all for any popular event. Nothing sells out in seconds or minutes without backdoor or automated activity. It's just not possible. On Wall St. high frequency trading is the equivalent of the sneaker bot. Everything is rigged. Sorry for going off topic.

FACT.... All of the PE's that have made NT Sneaker Showcase what it was for close to a decade..... it's coming... the CP3 XIII's were just the beginning..
Nike was hesitant trying to move a hesitant making a lot of 650$ shoes! Plus they come with a dang hat so u gotta put that into production cost as well!

Think of the pinnacle's some places in Atlanta had then sitting I think city gear Lenox mall had some on display

They need these things to move and limited will make em move.

Plus it's JD at his prices he can't afford to mass produce or moderately produce anything

No Nike Jordan collab with a designer brand has been anything but limited TBH......

These had more hype than the PSNY's because more people know of Don C and there wasn't a Yeezy and 11 release at the same time.

Nike didn't even raffle the PSNY's and there were a lot more avalible and price point lower which was the reason for more avalible.
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