Just finished watching THE Wrestler

Joined Jan 9, 2010
Its great man it makes me wonder all the sacrifices my childhood wrestlers went through putting on those matches
Joined Jun 24, 2006
Rourke performance alone is worth watching this movie.
Gives me chills. He was phenomenal.
Great movie.
Joined Jan 4, 2008
Movie was great, just shows how real life is not this cookie cutter world, we envision it to be with our relationships and choices.
Joined Sep 9, 2006
It was a very well done film, but definitely not one of the best ever. It was pretty good, I didn't love it though.
Joined Nov 13, 2006
Reminds me of a friend of mine.  He's  holds on to his old high school days of wrestling and does those type of shows.  The moves he does are no joke.  Don't get me wrong, its totally staged but when the guys are flying through the air and hit the mat hard as you know what, you feel the pain that they're going through, and thats what that movie captured.  It also captures the wrestlers after the fame is gone.   I met a couple of wrestlers after his shows (king kong bundy, honky tonk man, koko b. ware) and they look just so broken down.  They're cool as in person but they just look so beaten down from the industry.
Joined Jul 29, 2001
Rourke should have had the Oscar, but politics intervened. He burned too many bridges in Hollywood.
Joined Jul 6, 2008
im a wrestling fan and i still havent seen it

i know what im doing this weekend
Joined Mar 2, 2010
Rourke's performance was outstanding.

Spoiler [+]
The scene when he talks to his daughter at the beach made me tear up
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