"Just for KICKS." DVD

Mar 14, 2001
interesting film about sneakers, hip hop and its influence on the sneaker game. The film has interviews with THE people in the sneaker game like Scoop Jackson, Tinker Hatfield, DMC, Futura 2000 etc. I'd recommend it to any sneaker head or to anyone who doesnt know squat about the sneaker game because for the people in the know its always great to see other peoples kicks, for the people who dont know anything this could probably be the first step :wink:

a little info from the back of the cd case

"Just For Kicks is teh first film to showcase Hip-Hop's obsession with sneakers, revealing the cultural influences behind this phenomenon. With a perspective from the ground up, Hip-Hop superstars, athletes, brand gurus and compulsive collectors share why athletic footware has left the sports arena to become the most important fashion accessory of the last three decades, generating more than $30 billion each year!"
oh yah BTW you can get them over at amazon.com for about $9. i payed about $13 for mine shipped and waited about a month to finally get it. if you ask me worth every penny :smile:
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that dude bonz malone had me rollin the whole time
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i found it interesting aswell ...maybe only beause its the only sneaker documentary i've seen. but if sneaker vids were as common as skate videos,i dont think this one would stand out that much...
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CLASSIC QUOTE.... had me rollin'! hahahaha
just watched the dvd....very nice.....

tinker's interview in the bonus features... :pimp:
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it was nice seeing the XI's on the documentary with tinker plus ya get a coupon for $10 off at FA FL though it expires next week
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