Just found out Don Chaffey is/was my Uncle! PICS

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I come home, and see a stack of pictures on the kitchen table, then i ask my grandma who these people are. She says thats your uncle Don Chaffey the producer. And she tells me some of the movies he did. She was at the wedding along with her cousin. I was amazed, the pictures were at his wedding getting married. A bunch of actors and famous people were at the wedding, as you see Richard Pryor in one of the images.. Pics below.

Ill probably get the ''cool story'' on this, but just sharing with yallll

For those who dont know who he was/is:


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my cousins dad is Ben Wallace...

i don't know him tho...my brother pointed him out at a funeral like 'yo that kids dad is ben wallace and he's our cousin'


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Originally Posted by EmnabtnacesoRJ

Pics of your granny.. Only she hot tho. This will please me and Jayhood

I think you wanna please you and Jayhood
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