Just saw the final episode of the sopranos

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It doesnt make sense for him to die though...Why would Butchy place the hit on him? (assuming thats the only person that would put the order)
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They wanted to leave us hangin thinking about what happened, talking about it and if they ever want to do a movie Tony will be in it.
If they showed Tony getting killed there would be no chance of a movie.
I like to think nothing happened in that diner that night. They ate, and went home.


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For me, it fits very well with how Sopranos was as a show that Tony should have such a non-spectacular death, and not some extravagant slow motion Ricky from Boyz N The Hood type of death.

Tony was probably shot in the head point blank, execution style and didn't even know what happened. That's why the screen just went black.
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tony got popped by the guy in the members only jacket, infront of his family while he was waiting for his daughter to come in.
thats why he kept looking at the door.
it was our view, then the world thru tonys eyes, then back to us.
the last cut back to tonys view, was when the door jingled that last time and he turned his head.
as he did that, members only jacket guy walked out the bathroom and whacked him.
thats why it went black. cause thats all you see when you die.
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Originally Posted by Fadeaway88

I fully believe that he died
The only people that don't believe he died are the ones that still wish the show was going on.  It's gone.. get over it, he's dead.

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It just doesnt make sense to me that he died. He was straight with the leader of the other family
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