Just trolled the crackhouse down the street...(pics)

Joined Sep 20, 2006
Jet's pizza is like crack I guess...btw if you haven't had this by now you are losing. The Detroit thread made me want Jet's.

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Originally Posted by DCAllAmerican

So you sent a pizza to an empty house?
I think he's referring to Jet's Pizza as the crackhouse....

he asked the NBA question on the online order and they answered it on the box. 

cool, I guess.  *shrugs*
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Originally Posted by sooperhooper

What's with the team names?
Read the instructions. He asked for 4 NBA teams whose names dont end with an "s"

But I dont get why he sent it to crack house.

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^^Perhaps the pizza is so addictive it's "crack" and the place he ordered it from is considered the "crackhouse"
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